What is Thirty Seventh?

Thirty Seventh is proud to be Georgetown University’s premier style blog. Previously called hilltop voGUe, we spotlight the fashion scene in the local Georgetown community as well as the greater DC area through original fashion and lifestyle content. Thirty Seventh seeks to create a forum that encourages students to celebrate the diversity of fashion on the Hilltop–not all Hoyas have closets full of preppy gear (and if you do, that’s cool too), and so we want to highlight our stylistic and lifestyle differences. Through events and brand collaborations, we strive to facilitate a fashion community among local businesses and Georgetown students and even connect Hoyas to professional and recreational opportunities in the fashion industry.

So join us–whether it be by browsing through our content, attending our events, or becoming a staff member! Remember that we’re all from different (cat)walks of life, and there is no such thing as how a “typical Georgetown student” should look.

Meet the Executive Board

The Co-Presidents


Our fabulous, fearless leaders, Annamarie, Hayden, and Caroline. They founded Thirty Seventh (initially as hilltop voGUe) in 2014 and have been helping it grow ever since.



Our wonderful wordsmiths- Bella, Kelly, and Samu. They keep our articles sounding fierce (and grammatically correct).



The faces behind the beauty of Thirty Seventh- Caroline and Mollie. They snap the prettiest pictures you’ll ever find and edit our photographers’ work to make them the best they can be.



The always sassy and stylish Sophia and Taylor. Facebook and Insta experts like no other, they make sure the world finds out about the amazing work of our writers and photographers.



And then there’s me- Genie- hello from behind a computer! I head up the graphic and web design for Thirty Seventh, keeping things sleek and functional (or so I hope).


Thirty Seventh and Co.


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