What is Thirty Seventh?

Thirty Seventh is proud to be Georgetown University’s premier style blog. Previously called hilltop voGUe, we spotlight the fashion scene in the local Georgetown community as well as the greater DC area through original fashion and lifestyle content. Thirty Seventh seeks to create a dialogue that encourages students to celebrate the diversity of fashion on the Hilltop–not all Hoyas have closets full of preppy gear (and if you do, that’s cool too), and we want to highlight our stylistic and lifestyle differences. Through events and brand collaborations, we strive to facilitate a fashion community among local businesses and Georgetown students, and even connect Hoyas to professional and recreational opportunities in the fashion industry.

So join us–whether it be by browsing through our content, attending our events, or becoming a staff member! Remember that we’re all from different (cat)walks of life, and there is no such thing as how a “typical Georgetown student” should look.

Meet the Executive Board

The President and Vice President

Our fearless President, Marie, leads the way in managing and creating our vision for the blog.

Marie is a junior in the College, majoring in English and minoring in psychology. She’s an acai connoisseur and gifted speed walker. When she’s not in class, you can find her at Soul Cycle or in her apartment blasting weird electronic music.


Jill is our wonderful Editorial Exec. She directs our staff writers and edits all of our content.

Jill is a sophomore in the College. When she isn’t being dragged to Lau 2 by her roommate, she is likely out to brunch, taking an embarrassing number of pictures of her food. She is obsessed with the color yellow, old mirrors, and drug store candy. She also may or may not suffer from a gum addiction.


Our lovely Photo Exec Kate manages our talented photographers and edits all the photos for the blog.

Kate is a sophomore in the College, majoring in Art History and likely minoring in Theatre and Performance Studies. If she isn’t in class or at Poulton Stage III, she’s likely either watching Netflix or looking for her glasses which are on her head.


Mariam, our amazing Marketing Exec, handles all things branding and social media.

Mariam is a junior in the SFS, majoring in International Politics with a concentration on International Law. If you see her around campus grinning on her own, it is most likely because she has seen a dog around. Her hobbies include boxing, drinking excessive amounts of tea, and napping. 


And behind the computer is our Design Exec, Fiona.

Fiona is a junior in the College majoring in Classics and English. When she isn’t designing graphics or reading dead languages, you can usually catch her on her yoga mat, in the art studio, or browsing the beauty section at TJ Maxx.


Thirty Seventh


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