The Boys Club


Each week we will spotlight an iconic, stylish boy on campus. Through the Boys Club we hope to celebrate the diversity of personal style at Georgetown and deconstruct the notion that fashion is a woman’s domain. Follow us on Instagram (@thirtyseventhgu) if you want to join the Club.

Features by Sam K Lee

Teak Hodge

Teak Hodge plans on being a Culture and Politics (CULP) major in the SFS, Class of 2021. (Teak is a pleasant mixture of strength and sweetness. He has a habit of covering his mouth when he laughs – a kind of delicate gesture. And he looks most relaxed in the warmth of the sun. Teak’s … Continue reading Teak Hodge

Mikko Castaño

Mikko is a Computer Science major with Science, Technology & International Affairs (STIA) and Government minors, in the college, class of 2020. (In some ways, this is a special issue, as Mikko is one of the photo execs on Thirty Seventh. You can view his photo work here. Mikko’s shoot was in a variety of places: … Continue reading Mikko Castaño

Francis Kendoll

Francis plans on being a Sociology and Film & Media studies double major in the College, class of 2021. [Francis is unabashedly glamorous. And he was and is no stranger to Boys Club. In fact, his shoot was – in part – inspired by previous issues. He liked the circular window Joe shot in at … Continue reading Francis Kendoll

Samu Boyne

Samu is an Asian Regional and Comparative Studies major with a concentration in Human Rights, in the SFS, class of 2018. (Samu is one of the most agreeable persons I have had the pleasure of shooting. He is polite; clever; sincere. I told him about this wall in the middle of nowhere, by Rhode Island … Continue reading Samu Boyne

Jesse McNeill

Jesse is an Environmental Biology major in the College, class of 2018. (Jesse is a really colorful guy. And he loves color too. He’s very personable, likes to laugh with a big smile kind of like Norman’s. Jesse lives in this house known by the Georgetown OE and rock climbers as “Peach Palace.” So, naturally, … Continue reading Jesse McNeill

William Hockaday

William Hockaday is an English major in the College, class of 2020. [William Hockaday goes by his last name, Hockaday. He has a colorful personality – expressive – moving at one moment, still at the next. There’s a kind of whimsical, musical quality to him. And he loves flowers. His mom loves sunflowers. He loves … Continue reading William Hockaday

Joe Sonza

Joe Sonza is an American Musical Culture major in the College, class of 2019. [Joe Sonza is a musician; find his Youtube channel here. He likes to laugh at many things, even bad jokes he’s heard before. He looks down when he’s thinking (as opposed to up, like Kendell). Joe’s shoot was held in New North.] … Continue reading Joe Sonza

Norman A. Francis, Jr.

Norman A. Francis, Jr. is a Government and African American Studies major in the College, class of 2020. [I asked Norman if he had any favorite spots on campus. He immediately said, “Lau 2.” I laughed, but then realized he was serious. So Norman’s photoshoot was on Lau 2.] Norman A. Francis, Jr. (N): [Shuffles through … Continue reading Norman A. Francis, Jr.

Kendell Long

Kendell is a Government and African American Studies double major and a Justice and Peace Studies minor in the College, class of 2019. [Kendell has a soft voice, and his pauses are gentle, not jarring. He tends to look up when he’s thinking. This interview was conducted at the end of the shoot.] Sam K … Continue reading Kendell Long

Paul Henderson

Paul is an Environmental Biology major in the College, class of 2018. Sam K Lee: Hey Paul, so tell me a lil bit about the outfits you picked out for today. And maybe your opinions on fashion in general. Paul: [On the camo pants]: All I was saying was like, you know, the camos are … Continue reading Paul Henderson

Emmanuel Muhammad

Manny is a STIA major in the SFS, class of 2017. Q: How would you define your style and where do you take inspiration from? A: I’ve never tried to label myself or the things I wear; or at least not successfully. I always just wanted to wear what I felt like, or sometimes what … Continue reading Emmanuel Muhammad

Jack Underwood

Jack is a STIA major in the SFS, class of 2019. Q: How has working at Massimo Dutti influenced your style and developed your fashion sense? A: So I’ve always been interested in fashion and style but it wasn’t until I worked at Massimo Dutti that I developed any real knowledge on the subject. I learned … Continue reading Jack Underwood

Luis Montoya

Luis is a Biology major and a Psychology minor, pursuing a certificate in Microbiology in the College, class of 2019. Q: How do you define your personal style? A: Effortlessly stylish. Q: What is your favorite piece of clothing and why? A: My Zara brown suede jacket – it elevates any outfit. Q: What is … Continue reading Luis Montoya

Louis Mulamula

Louis Mulamula is a Marketing and Management major in the MSB, class of 2018.  TS: What most influences or inspires your personal style? LM: I would say my taste in music most influences my personal style. I am really into rap so when I see artists like Kanye, Tyler The Creator, and A$AP Rocky looking fresh … Continue reading Louis Mulamula

Orlando Hutchings

Orlando is a Regional and Comparative Studies major, focusing on Latin America and Asia, in the SFS, class of 2019.  Q: How do you define your personal style? A: No one really knows what’s cool or not until someone rocks it and pulls it off. If you’re feeling fresh in it, you’re probably looking fresh. Q: … Continue reading Orlando Hutchings

Augustin Baugier

Augustin is an Economics and History double major in the College, class of 2019. Q: What is your favorite piece of clothing and why? A: My socks. I love to have funky socks just because I think they’re a great and often funny touch that go well-noticed in any setting. Q: What are you involved … Continue reading Augustin Baugier

James Callaway

James is a Philosophy and French double major with a minor in Economics in the College, class of 2019. TS: Share something with us about your experience with fashion/style. JC: There’s a running joke amongst most of my friends and family that I am far too pretentious in most of what I do. So I … Continue reading James Callaway