Cozy but Cute

Hailing from Dallas, TX, I’m used to a year-round temperate climate where the term “parka” is only used when discussing skiing trips. However, since my choice to ditch the South and migrate to the East Coast, I have learned how to dress for weather in the District. The fashionista in me has struggled to find the perfect outerwear that will complement my outfit yet keep me warm. After recent research and trial and error, here’s what stands out.

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Wearable Justice: Bringing Ethical Fashion To Georgetown Students at Affordable Prices


Wish your shopping addiction could make the world a better place? Well maybe it can…

Hilltop voGUe recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Georgetown student Jake Maxmin(COL ’17), the Founder and CEO of Wearable Justice, a student-owned and student-run non-profit dedicated to making ethical fashion choices easier for university students nationwide. We got the inside scoop on how Wearable Justice got its start, how it’s grown, and what it has to offer students like you.

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