Manny is a STIA major in the SFS, class of 2017.

Q: How would you define your style and where do you take inspiration from?

A: I’ve never tried to label myself or the things I wear; or at least not successfully. I always just wanted to wear what I felt like, or sometimes what I feel like is appropriate. As far as inspiration goes. At an early age I was inspired and molded by my family and what they wore or wanted me to wear. That developed into me dressing myself; in both the things they bought for me as well as the things I asked for. From there I just began to wear whatever I thought was cool, even if it wasn’t necessarily a trend. Like most kids I went through a phase of wanting the brands everyone else hyped about in middle school, but when that wasn’t always affordable I started to focus on expression and comfort rather than “fashion” or what was hot. It’s an autonomous feeling. There’s so much to be inspired by; a cartoon, in those children books published in the 90’s, Nelly’s music videos.

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