Francis Kendoll

Francis plans on being a Sociology and Film & Media studies double major in the College, class of 2021.

[Francis is unabashedly glamorous. And he was and is no stranger to Boys Club. In fact, his shoot was – in part – inspired by previous issues. He liked the circular window Joe shot in at New North; the brown elevator Norman shot in at Lau… So we shot in several places: Healy, New North, the Production Studio, & Lau.]

Francis (F): So, one, being a person of color and, you know, being a male, I think I’m breaking barriers because people of color often times get told like “you can’t wear bright colors or whatever – it doesn’t look too good on your skin” or, for males, sometimes you can’t wear pink, like that’s too feminine. I just like to break little barriers like that every here and then… Pink is actually my favorite color, so –

Sam K. Lee (S): Oh, yeah, I was gonna say –

F: Yeah, I have a lot of pink in my closet.

S: Actually, I was talking to someone on the board and remember specifically saying, “Ah, Francis really likes pink – “

F: I love pink –

S: Yeah, when we were looking through all the potential candidates… It’s a really good color on you.

F: Yeah. Pink. I don’t know, it’s just my favorite color – I think it started with my obsession with Nicki Minaj honestly. (S: Ohhh, Really?) Yeah, I started actually wearing pink or peachy colors, and I was like, “Wow, this does look good on me.” I would say: experiment, practice what looks good on you, what you think – don’t be afraid to, like, step out of the box sometimes. There’s always room for error, and you might look back at some outfits and be like, “Oh Wow, I thought it was a look, but…” Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

S: What do you think is that extra thing that makes an outfit no longer work? At least, for you?

F: Confidence. I feel like you could wear anything in the world. But as long as you have confidence and you’re rocking it, like you know it looks good (Similar response to Paul Henderson), other people will receive that and receive that it looks good. Like Rihanna could put on a trash bag and still look good because, you know, she has that confidence.

S: Are there looks you really love and haven’t been able to try yet? Really want to try?

F: Yeah… [On his tan, wide-leg trousers] So these pants were a look I really wanted to try for a while, like I really wanted wide-leg pants, but I didn’t think they would look good on me. But I tried these, and I loved them. For the most part, I love experimenting, there isn’t really anything I’m afraid to try, as I’m always finding new looks I want to try just on my Instagram feed. I favorite a lot of stylists, looks…

One thing I would like to say is don’t be afraid to branch off into different genders – when you’re shopping in stores –

S: Yeah, I remember talking with Samu, and he was like, “Menswear is boring” and –

F: It’s very boring! For me, men’s… I could go into a store like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters the men’s section and not find anything that I like. So, when I branch off, especially because I’m smaller, when I branch off into the women’s section, I find a lot more stuff I like… And I just make it work.

[Found out later that Francis did not have the opportunity to buy his own clothes until he came to college. So he really is still experimenting, developing. For him, fashion is new – fashion is exciting.]

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