Jesse McNeill

Jesse is an Environmental Biology major in the College, class of 2018.

(Jesse is a really colorful guy. And he loves color too. He’s very personable, likes to laugh with a big smile kind of like Norman’s. Jesse lives in this house known by the Georgetown OE and rock climbers as “Peach Palace.” So, naturally, Jesse’s shoot was at Peach Palace.)

Sam K Lee: Wait – talk about your fashion inspos – other than PHendior why PHendi.

Jesse: Alright: PHendi has the coolest style cause he doesn’t give a f***, that’s why –

Sam: That’s true!

Jesse: Yeah, Paul Henderson just doesn’t give a –

Sam: Did you read his – his thing (I’m very articulate, I know) – he says you just have to stop caring about what other people think.

Jesse: Yeah. Cause I think that like – yeah – he just wears – so many people at Georgetown have or wear the exact same things… and then Paul Henderson just wears really different sh*t, which I have mad respect for. And I feel like I would or could be that if I went thrifting… but I just never go thrifting, so I just accumulate items of clothing that I like, and I try to wear things that are slightly different from the normal Georgetown style, but…

Sam: What is the norm Georgetown style, you think?

Jesse: I feel like the normal Georgetown style – (hesitates) well. Mm. You know – maybe there isn’t a – maybe this is overly stereotypical, but I feel like the norm, like… there’s a solid contingent of people who wear Sperrys or, like, those leather shoes, and… pastel colors and a branded shirt – that’s way too stereotypical – but you know, I feel like a ton of people wear a similar thing, and I just don’t vibe with that vibe. (I murmur in agreement.) Yeah, Paul Henderson is the ma—nnnnnn (He sings that last part). Can’t put too much Paul Henderson love in here—this is a like a secret admiration for his style (we both laugh), I don’t think he knows. But I think he has sweet style.

[I ran into Paul Henderson later that day – it was maybe an hour after this was recorded – and told him what Jesse said. He shrugged, smiled, and said it worked on the flip side too. PHendi has mad respect for Jesse and his lifestyle choices – his healthy living – his general person. So the respect goes both ways.]

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