Joe Sonza is an American Musical Culture major in the College, class of 2019.

[Joe Sonza is a musician; find his Youtube channel here. He likes to laugh at many things, even bad jokes he’s heard before. He looks down when he’s thinking (as opposed to up, like Kendell). Joe’s shoot was held in New North.]

Sam K. Lee (S): What do you think of when you think of fashion? As in, what do you think, or who do you think…? Do you think of specific clothes – specific styles – people – like, what’s the “It” factor?

Joe Sonza (J) : I can speak to me – how I approach it.

S: Sure.

J: I don’t want to make any blanket statements… I’m really intrigued by the idea of, of spareness. One time I read an article – a fashion interview – where the guy was talking about – you only have so many flare points, okay, you have a budget of flare points with each outfit. So, if you have, say you’re wearing a hat. Like if you’re gonna rock a cowboy hat or something, that’s a lot – that’s most of your flare points, so you don’t want to wear, like, super flamboyant pants or anything. And that interested me, cause it’s like economy in fashion. Being economical and not being overly… ostentatious – some people do it and they pull it off! Maybe just because they have a bigger budget: the personality or – they’re richer in that regard. I actually am like… I like very spare outfits, outfits that are not flashy at all. That are more quiet. I guess the exception of today’s shoot would mayyybe be the green outfit. That’s a littttle more in-your-face than I would wear day-to-day…

I’m highly influenced by friends back home in New Jersey.

S: What does that mean though, having little “flash”? A cowboy hat and flare pants are pretty obvious – as in they’re obvious examples…

J: Ohh. Okay, I see.

S: Yeah, so maybe unpack that a little.

J: Yes, yes. I read a New York Times article once – awesome article, I recommend this to anyone interested in men’s fashion –

S: Do you remember who wrote it?

J: I don’t remember who wrote it, but it was on the idea of male fashion icons. Three in particular: Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, and Paul Newman? I think it was the three… And I forget the Italian term, but it talked a lot about this Italian term basically meaning effortlessness –

S: Sprezzatura?

J: Yes! Exactly. Yeah.

S: Ooh yeah. It’s a 16th century term. Read the original work in Professor Shore’s class, actually.

[On Paul Henderson and his high “budget”]

J: You have to come to an understanding of… like how many points you have – I understand that if I came in with camo pants I’m just about spent… but – when you spend more than you actually have – a guy like Paul, he can rock whatever he wants, he has more points to spend. I don’t know. The idea of effortlessness. We look at those three guys – they just put on a shirt and jeans – and we just go wow – they exude a certain kind of effortlessness…

I also would like it to be noted – on the article – that I’m about to make this in. And then in parenthesis “he made it in.” [Throws empty coffee cup in trash can.]

S: Oof – bad. Zero out of ten. We’ll see if I have room.

[I guess I have room. He made it in.]


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