Norman A. Francis, Jr.

Norman A. Francis, Jr. is a Government and African American Studies major in the College, class of 2020.

[I asked Norman if he had any favorite spots on campus. He immediately said, “Lau 2.” I laughed, but then realized he was serious. So Norman’s photoshoot was on Lau 2.]

Norman A. Francis, Jr. (N): [Shuffles through pocket and pulls out phone. Begins recording.] Recording – My name is Norman A. Francis, Jr., first son of Norman Anthony Francis and Maria Carla Oteyza Montecillo, the 2nd daughter of – oh gosh – Filomeno … Alfafara … Montecillo and Leonor… gosh what’s your whole name… Leonor… something Oteyza… (Sam chuckles) alright that’s good. [Leans close to the phone mic] Catch. Mah. Voice. [Backs up and clears throat] Ok what was I saying?

Sam Lee (S): [stops laughing] Uhm… I don’t remember what you were saying – you were saying something. That’s why I wanted you to record this…

N: Oh yeah – oh yeah – what I really wanna do. So if I didn’t have to worry about clout or money, I would just wanna – like – have a bookstore.

S: [with a smile] Really?

N: Yes. That is my goal for retirement now, well, it’s been my goal for a long time —

S: A bookstore —

N: — It’d be like a bookstore slash comic book shop and it’d sell banana nut muffins.

[Later on, Sam asked Norman how he got his retro clothes. Turns out Norman had an uncle who liked to shop – nifty ol’ Uncle Jing. He used to wear two watches.]

N: So, yeah. So he would go to the mall – he would go to the mall and then go and look for deals, and then after days and weeks and weeks and weeks of doing this, he would eventually buy stuff and he wouldn’t even wear it. So when he died, I got most of his stuff – and thing is a lot of this stuff he didn’t even wear! That was his hobby, buying clothes. Yeah… A lot of his clothes went unworn when I got them. And then a lot of my clothes are either, well, hand-me-downs from him — or other people — or thrift shopped. I like thrifting … So most of my shirts and sweaters have been thrifted. [Chuckles] These are very nice pants though I just got them from Walmart—

S: Yeah, pants are harder to thrift cause fit is hard.

N: Yeah, most definitely… I don’t know. Just tryna try new things. I kinda like old styles because that’s kinda what I started off with and I feel like that’s also kinda what fits?

S: It does.


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