Orlando Hutchings

Orlando is a Regional and Comparative Studies major, focusing on Latin America and Asia, in the SFS, class of 2019. 

Q: How do you define your personal style?

A: No one really knows what’s cool or not until someone rocks it and pulls it off. If you’re feeling fresh in it, you’re probably looking fresh.

Q: What most influences/inspires your personal style?

A: I remember where I got every item of clothing I own, and I think many of us do. So I always try pick something up from a local designer when I travel. It makes what you wear so much more interesting, and supports brands that are often started by young designers.

Q: What is your favorite piece of clothing?

My favourite piece of clothing is a original shearling jacket I got in Edinburgh. I was in a museum and saw the WWI Royal Air Force Jackets and then spend the rest of the trip going to second hand stores trying to find one for myself.

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