Paul is an Environmental Biology major in the College, class of 2018.

Sam K Lee: Hey Paul, so tell me a lil bit about the outfits you picked out for today. And maybe your opinions on fashion in general.

Paul: [On the camo pants]: All I was saying was like, you know, the camos are nice, I ended up getting the uh half-purple half-green just because it felt more like a one of a kind thing – a little more unique a little more flavor – and that’s sort of my favorite thing about fashion. Really, it’s a construct, you can do whatever the f*** you want. There are conventions and all, but really it’s just about finding things you like and putting them together and no one can tell you s*** so – f*** it. And the zesty headband! That was ill.

[On the White coat with all-black]: Doctor’s lab coat – perfect analogy … One of my favorite things about thrifting — about fashion in general — is finding something that was intended for a certain use and f***ing that up and making it your own. And like – that’s what making it your own is. It’s not wearing it the way that it’s supposed to be worn – I wanna say weared – wear-ed – not the way it’s supposed to be weared. If I was wearing this labcoat the way it was supposed to be weared, I would give off the vibe that – uhh – that I was abouttta be a doctor. And I’m not aboutta be a doctor. I’m aboutta be a model for Thirty-Seventh.

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