William Hockaday

William Hockaday is an English major in the College, class of 2020.

[William Hockaday goes by his last name, Hockaday. He has a colorful personality – expressive – moving at one moment, still at the next. There’s a kind of whimsical, musical quality to him. And he loves flowers. His mom loves sunflowers. He loves white lilies. Thus Hockaday’s shoot was at the US Botanical Gardens.]  

Sam Lee (S): Can you tell me the reason why you like flowers again?

Hockaday (H): Yeah uh – heh – just like flowers because… it’s one of the first memories that I have of my grandma – just growing up… She was very interested in gardening, and she always took me out to buy flowers with her.

S: Yeah…

H: And then it’d be me, my mom, my sister, we would just be going to buy some pretty flowers, and it was also one of the few instances where I – like – actually saw color.

S: Yeah – Oh Yeah! That’s right. What color blind are you again?

H: Red-green.

S: Red-green… hmm.

H: That’s also one of the reasons why I – generally – usually – am in black and white.

S: Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Would you say that there are… I guess… Other than color, what do you look at when you look at clothes?

H: With jeans, it’s usually just – like – you get some hipster skinny black jeans. But with shirts I like vibrant, out-there stuff. Stuff that stands out.

S: So pants are usually “normal” and the tops are kinda where you pop…? [Hockaday nods] That’s like Norman actually – he’s the same way – at least, he said something similar… Another question I wanted to ask… Oooo inspos?

H: [pauses briefly] No one.

S: Really?

H: Oh! Well. For just straight-up fashion? …Ta-ku. I don’t know what Ta-ku looks like at all –

S:  —but the Ta-ku album covers – those flowers?

H: [with a smile] Yeah.

S: That’s nice. When was the first time you heard Ta-ku?

H: Um… senior year of high school. Yeah, it was when I was going through slightly edgy – not edgy phase even – but sad boy, mega sad boy phase. Haha.

S: And when did you actually start caring about the clothes you put together? Was it around then?

H: Yeah – junior year. Before then, it was just comic book shirts, and my friends made fun of me constantly for it – hehe – my friends still make fun of me for everything I do.

S: [laughs] But it’s good fun.

H: [laughs too] Yeah – no – these are my close friends.


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